Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A post for my mom!

Pretty sure my mom is the only one still checking this blog... I have been busy and occupying myself with a million other things, that when I do have free time I don't think to blog. I also don't have the running thoughts in my head on what a great story this would be for my blog like I did at one point in my life. Funny things have happened and my kids have said hilarious things, but again I don't really remember them! I need to start writing it down as it happens.

Let's see what to write about... I'll check my phone for pictures to remind me of what life has been all about lately.

I try to wake up and run/walk at least 3 mornings a week. Every once in a while these munchkins are up super early so they join me, so we can get some fresh air before it gets unbearably hot.

This girl loves food. So far she's had peas and sweet potatoes. Definitely prefers sweet potatoes! That bottom picture is after I nursed her, then she downed an entire jar of sweet potatoes and was ready for a nice food coma.

I got my hair and I kind of love it. Aaron's Aunt Teresa is The Best. She seriously is amazing.

We had a really, really fun week up in Mesa where we got to spend a lot of time with cousins. We went to this awesome park and the kids had a blast.

This girl. She is so funny. I wish I could remember some of the hilarious things she's said lately but my mind is drawing a blank. She is the sweetest thing, and then out of no where will say these really dark things... like while playing video games, "I"m going to crush your soul and burn your heart!" ... o.O  Should I be worried? I'm not. I'm pretty sure she does it because we can't help but crack up. Maybe if she wasn't the sweetest child in the world I'd be worried, but it's Abigail.

Nathan has had a huge fear of his room and the dark and bad guys lately. Yeah bed time's been fun. And if this blog isn't already full of enough reasons for you to know what an imperfect mom I am, let me tell ya... last night the only thing that finally got him to go to sleep was to tell him if he went to sleep and slept all night without crying and screaming, I'd give him a dollar for the ice cream man in the morning. I am PAYING my child to sleep! There is definitely something wrong with this. But it worked, so I'll probably do it again.

Olivia had a random bout of puking last week. That was great. And I think the lack of our normal routine and all this traveling, and I honestly don't know what... but she has been a pretty whiny little stinker lately. Trying my best to be patient and figure out what she needs, but I'm kind of sort of, definitely counting down the days until August 4th.

Aaron has been working a ton. Lots of over time the past few weeks, and we miss him a lot. We feel so blessed though. It's crazy to see where we were this time last year compared to now. So glad all our sacrifice and hard work is now paying off.

And I've been working out and reading, and just trying to make myself a better person all around. Turning 30 in 3 months is doing things to my brain. I wouldn't call it a crisis, but I might be freaking out a little bit.


  1. This is Geneva's Mom. I read your blog so don't give up. Don't know how old she is but sounds like a molar might be a possible cause of both puking and whining for Olivia...maybe.

  2. I still read your blog! Love to hearing about your family!