About me

I mother three crazy children. I use their real names because I'm just not clever enough to come up with clever nicknames.

I love to write. And I love my family. So I guess this blog is only a natural extension of those two things.

I write to vent about the craziness of having three kids under the age of 4. I write to remember the funny things they do and say. I write so my family who is near and far can keep up with our antics. I write because I love that my husband reads my blog (hi babe). This blog is absolutely my outlet and I've been so grateful to have it.

I have always wanted to be a mother. Seriously, I think the baby fever hit when I first met by newborn baby brother - and I was 2 years old. I have spent my whole life taking care of those younger than me. It is my passion. However, that doesn't mean I don't end some days in tears because this whole mommy thing is really hard. The first few weeks of Olivia's life it literally felt like the babysitting job from heck. I kept waiting for the mom to get home so I could go home. And then I realized - I am the mom. And there is no going home. This is it. 24/7. And it was a rough adjustment. I think I'm still adjusting. But I've grown and stretched so much since becoming a mother. It has been the most fulfilling experience of my life.

I still struggle every day with motherhood. I love it, but want to be better at it. I want to be stricter. I want to be nicer. I want to have fun. I want my kids to calm the heck down. I want to enrich their lives with educational activities, and I want to sit them in front of the TV all day. It's a constant battle. I want to spend every minute with them. I can't wait for bedtime so I don't have to look at their (sweet) faces until the next day.

I guess the secret I've learned with motherhood is that there is no right way. It's all just a crap shoot, and we're all hoping we're not screwing them up too bad, as we figure things out. I really thought once I became a mom I would just know what to do. I had no clue how much trial and error was involved. But as the years go by I'm learning and so are they. Each new phase brings new lessons. Writing all this out really helps me learn. And hopefully someday they will be able to learn from my words.

What else could I say about myself? I probably use the word seriously too often. I try to use proper grammar - but this is my blog not an essay. I'm not perfect, and never claimed to be.

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