Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Couldn't make this stuff up... Funny Abigail

Last night at 9:00 -- an hour and a half after I tucked her in, Abigail comes downstairs crying hysterically. Through her sobs she's able to tell me what's wrong.

"I *sob* want to be *sob* a clown *sob* and I'm afraid I'll never get the chaaance!" She wails at the end. And then when I hug her, unable to contain my laughter she sobs uncontrollably in my arms. Because she wants to be a clown, and she's afraid she'll never get the chance.

So this afternoon, I thought I could make all her dreams come true and dress her up like a clown and try to teach her how to juggle.

"So Abigail, you still want to be a clown?" I ask, anticipating her eager response.

Instead I laugh again as she replies, "No Mom. I changed my mind. Those funny days are all behind me."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Eliza is ONE!

This cutie turned one on the 20th of January! Hard to believe, a year flew by so quickly! 

Can't believe how quickly she's changing from a sweet little baby to this crazy little person who runs around destroying my house, and trying to hurt herself! She keeps us all on our toes, for sure.

She has a few words, and likes to say them over and over. Her newest word is, "Me?" She walks more than she crawls, though that didn't happen until this week. She knows where her nose is. She still takes two naps but is trying mightily to switch to one. It's been a rough transition! Though once we're through it I'll be grateful, because I feel trapped at home all day long because of naps. Eliza takes a morning nap from 9:30ish - 11:30 ish. Then Nathan takes an afternoon nap from 12ish - 2 ish, and then Eliza naps from 3ish - 5ish. So someone tell me exactly when I'm supposed to leave the house without sacrificing anyone's nap time. Because if I've learned one thing as a mom, it is that almost nothing is worth sacrificing nap time. So getting to a point where Nathan and Eliza both nap at the same time each day would be fantastic. 

And tomorrow I have to register Abigail for Kindergarten! Next year it will just be these two home with me, and Nathan desperately wants to start preschool, so maybe a few hours each day I'll just have Eliza. Whatever will I do with myself? And then the following year, no one will start school, but the next year Nathan will, then the next year no one, then the next year Eliza will! Life is changing so fast.