Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Imagine a job where you are on duty the moment you open your eyes.

You have no time to wake up and adjust to life outside of dreamland before you are asked to meet the demands of others.

A job where that wake up call can come any time of the night, and you are grateful if it at least waits until after the sun is up.

A job where, even if you wake up sick unable to breathe through your nose, there is no calling out sick option.

There are no holidays and no weekends.

Basically, it.never.ends.

I feel like I spend all day meeting the demands of three very demanding little people. Feeding, playing, reading, cleaning, changing, wiping, getting, opening, time-outing, lecturing, giving, never-stopping....

But I wouldn't have it any other way. I need to end this on a positive note so you all know how much I love being a mom. I really do. And I take time for myself every day. Really. This entire post basically exists because Nathan will not sleep past 6:00AM. And I just want to sleep until 7. That is all.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I like to complain

For some reason my blog seems to be my place to complain. Maybe because when I type it all out it seems funny. Or I like reading your comments and realize it's not so bad. Either way, this morning has been a doozy (doozey? duezee?).

Started at 4:30 with a banging on the door from the girls' room. Aaron took care of it, so I can't complain too much. But it did take me a while to fall back to sleep. Seemed like I barely got back to sleep when Nathan woke up. Again, Aaron got him (he's the best.) for me so nothing too terrible. Minus the fact that he was covered in poo. Great way to start a morning.

Took a shower, cleaned us both up and got us dressed. By the time we are dressed screaming is coming from the girls' room (it is not yet 7AM). Since Aaron is already gone for work this one is all me. I go in and Olivia is bleeding from her face and Abigail is screaming, "I SAID SORRY ALREADY!" Oh great. Apparently Abigail threw a book at Olivia's face. No worries, Abigail has since promised she will never do it again - unless a bad guy is chasing her. Her exact words.

Then we come downstairs to get breakfast and Nathan pulled himself up on a chair. He was standing for a minute, but then pulled too hard and fell and pulled the chair on top of himself. Much screaming ensued.

And now it's finally 8:00AM.. and I hope things only go up from here. I hate Mondays!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a weekend!

We had a surprise party for our friend over the weekend. His wife was over-the-top crazy about every last detail being perfect... and I think we almost achieved it! Of course looking back there is always things that you would have done differently, but overall it was a great night. The best part was that he was actually surprised so that was way fun. The worst part is... well one the guests said it best, "That was a lot of work for a couple of hours." Yes, yes it was. But it was fun. And it's not over yet... we still have a lot of clean up to do!

Today has been a pretty fabulous day. This morning we yard saled, went out to breakfast, and then came home and had a "kid" party with some friends and the left over food and decorations. Then Aaron's cousin Brad graciously offered to watch all the kids so my friend (his sister) and I could go out for an hour. Well an hour turned into 2.5... Costco on a Saturday afternoon is CraZy! Anyway it was nice to just get out with a friend and chat.

Then, probably the best part of the whole night was cuddling my sweet little Nathan before putting him down for bed. He was just so cuddly and kept rubbing my arm with his sweet little hands. And then I couldn't help it, I just covered his little cheeks in kisses. And then a few moments later I hear him making these loud smacking noises with his lips and I realized he had done that earlier after I had kissed him and it dawned on me that he was "kissing" me back. I started laughing at this realization which totally excited him and made him start his happy little squeals. It was a good moment. A moment that made me realize I love this. All of this. Motherhood. I love it.

Tonight when I was giving Olivia a bath she started talking about college... yes she's 4... and asking me if I can be her teacher for college. She told me just loves me so much she never wants to leave. Figured I'd write this down so I can remind her in 14 years.

Also sometimes Abigail will be crying and when I ask her what's wrong she'll say, "Nuffin' I just love you SO much!"  Okay she's only done that once... and I'm sure she was crying about something else, but I thought it was so incredibly cute that she said that.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have had a horrible headache almost all day. I hate headaches!

Anyway at one point today it was so bad I really couldn't see, couldn't stand, couldn't think. It just hurt so much. I put the kids all in their beds for naps, took some Advil and laid down with an ice pack. I literally did labor breathing to get through the pain. Nathan was crying in his crib, but I couldn't do anything about it.

The girls came out of their room and went downstairs and raided the pantry. They came into my room first and asked if they could have, xyz... honestly I did not care. They could have asked if they could go eat butter and handfuls of sugar and I would have said, "Fine just leave me alone."

Then they came into my bed and tried to make me feel better. Olivia brought me a HUGE glass of water and rested it on my back. "Isn't this relaxing?" She asked. I guess laying on my stomach with a glass of water balancing on my back seemed relaxing to her? Then she gave me a shoulder massage and told Abigail to rub my feet. It was really cute. And for a moment I could forget about the intense pain and appreciate the cuteness of the moment. But then the water spilled, and Olivia cried and Abigail screamed, and Nathan woke up and I contemplated violence.

But then by some miracle my headache went away. And I was able to cook dinner and enjoy it. And then have a little family night where we enjoyed a lesson about Sunday and ate... wait for it... ice cream Sundaes. And then as we were putting the kids to bed my headache is rearing it's ugly head again.

I really hope when I wake up it is GONE! I ran more than 4 miles this morning, probably closer to 5, and I want to run again in the morning... but if my head is hurting I am not sure I will be able to power through.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Best mommy moment ever

The other day Abigail was playing with Nathan, feeding him Cheerio's and then she stopped. And Nathan started yelling, "ABBA! ABBA!" I was across the room cleaning the kitchen, and heard and looked over. The look on Abigail's face was so priceless. "MOMMY! HE SAID ABBA! HE SAID MY NAME!" She was completely shocked and just so happy. It made my day, heck it made my whole week.

Other notable funny/moments from this week include Olivia refusing to eat lunch because she was "fasting".

Then she covered herself in a random tie she found on the couch and asked me how I liked her new "look". Then she proceeded to explain that this was "fashion" and "did she look famous"?

I wish I could remember everything because they just had me cracking up all day yesterday.

I need to get back into my blogging grove.