Monday, September 24, 2012

I like to complain

For some reason my blog seems to be my place to complain. Maybe because when I type it all out it seems funny. Or I like reading your comments and realize it's not so bad. Either way, this morning has been a doozy (doozey? duezee?).

Started at 4:30 with a banging on the door from the girls' room. Aaron took care of it, so I can't complain too much. But it did take me a while to fall back to sleep. Seemed like I barely got back to sleep when Nathan woke up. Again, Aaron got him (he's the best.) for me so nothing too terrible. Minus the fact that he was covered in poo. Great way to start a morning.

Took a shower, cleaned us both up and got us dressed. By the time we are dressed screaming is coming from the girls' room (it is not yet 7AM). Since Aaron is already gone for work this one is all me. I go in and Olivia is bleeding from her face and Abigail is screaming, "I SAID SORRY ALREADY!" Oh great. Apparently Abigail threw a book at Olivia's face. No worries, Abigail has since promised she will never do it again - unless a bad guy is chasing her. Her exact words.

Then we come downstairs to get breakfast and Nathan pulled himself up on a chair. He was standing for a minute, but then pulled too hard and fell and pulled the chair on top of himself. Much screaming ensued.

And now it's finally 8:00AM.. and I hope things only go up from here. I hate Mondays!

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