Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just getting up to date.

I've been neglecting this old blog of mine and I know I'll regret it. One of my favorite things to do is go back and look at old posts and remember all the things I have completely forgotten. So this post will just be a bit of getting caught up. My family was here last week (Mom, Dad and sister... I can't even begin to tell you how weird that feels, that that is my entire family. But that's a whole other post in and of itself). My cousin Jackie even came on Mother's Day. We had a great time. I wrote all the details in my actual journal so here I'll just share the pictures.

One day Nathan and I made a blanket fort in the living room and hung out in there for a while. At one point he told me he was Link and I was a tired old lady who just stayed in the house. That was definitely my favorite role to ever play in any of my kids games. I can definitely do tired, old lady really well. Then some magic turned us both into "Red Link" and we had "red boots, red sword, red shield, red shirt, red hat, and a red hook shot." It cracked me up. If you ask him what his favorite color is he says he likes all the colors. But whenever given the chance to ever chose something with a color he always chooses red. Sometimes I'll ask him who his favorite person is (hoping of course that he'll say me) and he always says, "I love allbodies. Aaaallll the peoples are my favorite." He's like 3.5 now and most of his words that he's said wrong forever he's figured out, but a few have stuck around and I think my heart will break when he says it right. Like allbodies, instead of everybody. And he says "drinky" instead of thirsty. With my older girls I was more concerned about them knowing the right words, but with him, I just realize how fast he's growing up and I'm just a-okay with his cute words. A little more about Nathan right now... he's such a protective brother. It's really cute, and really surprising to me. Because it just comes naturally. I swear he's more vigilant about watching Eliza than I am! I am a very laid back mom (probably to a fault!) and so when he's following her around and freaking out because she put something in her mouth it always catches me off guard because he really hasn't seen that modeled, it's just in his nature. Which melts my heart. And makes me grateful! And at times frustrated because sometimes I give her food, he doesn't know and freaks out because she's eating something and tried to get it out of her mouth which then sends her into a fit! But mostly it's adorable. He had to stay in the girls room when my family was here and now he really doesn't want to be alone and go back in his own room, so bed time has been fun lately.

This is a perfect representation of Eliza. Can't you just feel the attitude in this picture? And she's wearing a diaper and shoes only because she loathed the cute romper I had on her. Like screaming and tearing at it, and yelling until I finally gave in and took it off her. But she loved those shoes. When I tried to take those off for nap time she threw a fit similar to the romper fit earlier. Yes, this is a pattern. She is feisty, hilarious, smart, demanding, cuddly, and just so much personality it's bursting out of her. She waves to everyone, tries to repeat everything you say, loves to dance and read... she's completely and utterly exhausting. But we sure love her.