Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Because some day I'll forget when this happened...

This is from over a month ago now, but I mean c'mon what is more blog-worthy than my first baby, losing her first tooth...

And then her second, the very next day.

She's still only lost those bottom two, but told me just tonight she thinks a couple more are getting lose. I'm just glad they fell out on her own because the dentist thought they were probably going to have to get pulled.

And if you'd like to see the blog post about when she GOT those teeth, you can read that here...

It makes me really happy that I've documented these things. I'm no where near perfect at it, and I'm missing a lot, but I'm grateful for what I have gotten written down. Blogging seems so "dorky" and the word is just embarrassing to say out loud, but gosh darn it I LOVE BLOGGING! Especially for things like this, where you can, with the click of a button jump back 6 years in time. Pretty fun stuff.

Playing catch up - just randomness from my birthday

World's sweetest, yet slowest cars salesman. Yes I snapped his picture when he wasn't looking, because he was adorable.
And here's the new beauty.

My sweet sister in law made me the most delicious birthday cake!!
Thank you, Ruth!!

 On my birthday we went to a pumpkin patch in Mesa and the kids had a blast. We enjoyed a really nice cool morning, and it was a lot of fun. Then we went to Joe's Farm Grill for lunch which was delicious. Olivia got a banana split sandwich! I had to take a picture.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Eliza 9 months old

I can't get enough of this cute baby.
At 9 months Eliza says a few little words. 
Mama, dada, I think she tries to say hi when she waves.
She pulls herself up on everything, and will walk if she's holding your hands.
She has 6 teeth, almost 7.
I hate talking about my kids sleep because I feel like I always jinx it. So I will just say, right now she is sleeping good. Soooo good. But of course I have three other kids, and my little miss Abigail has been waking up at 3:00AM for almost a week now. To say I'm tired is an understatement. To say, I almost killed the cat out of exhaustion and frustration would be accurate.

She's going as a fairy from Wind Waker, my kid's favorite video game lately.

She loves to sit at the piano and bang away at the keys.

Helping me clean the laundry room. Look at those teeth!

Reading me a book.

Her face is so cute. Ignore whatever is she has on her pj's. It looks like a bug, but I am sure it is not a bug. I mean it's probably not a bug. Do you think it's a bug?

Nathan is naughty, and she's now petrified of this toy.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Latest New Jersey Trip

Normally my pictures are just there when I go to "From My Phone"... but they aren't! Hm... I'll have to try to figure that out.

But in the mean time, we went to NJ last week. And by we, I mean me and Eliza! It was so great. Aaron stayed home with the older three, and I hopped on a plane with my baby and flew back to NJ.

As usual it was great to see my family and Eliza was just so great. She made them all laugh with her funky crawl, and head bobble, and fake cough. I got to relax and eat way too much delicious food.

Flying out was frustrating, with delays and missed connections, but after 12 hours of traveling we finally made it. Coming home was less eventful.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to go into the city with my best friend of almost 20 years! We just walked around, ate delicious food (seeing a pattern here?) and saw a show on Broadway. We haven't done something, just the two of us in a decade! It really fed my soul.

Also got to spend a lot of time with my grandmother, which was great. And we had a cousin dinner which was also super fun. My last day my mom took off and we went and got massages, and out to lunch and bought make up.

And I have to give a shout out to my amazing husband. I feel so incredibly lucky to be married to such an awesome man. He didn't complain once, the entire time I was gone. I came home to a clean house, and happy kids. I was off gallivanting around NJ and he was home dealing with tantrums, homework, and dishes. This trip was for my thirtieth birthday, a few weeks early. A month long celebration seems a bit much, but I'm definitely not complaining. So grateful for this wonderful life!