Friday, November 30, 2012

A Post To Make You Feel Better About Your Parenting

Last night I forgot to feed my children dinner. Completely forgot.

There is a story behind it, I guess. But the bottom line is I put my children to bed without feeding them dinner!

So here's the whole story. Maybe it will improve your opinion of me a little bit...

Last night I cooked dinner early while Abigail and Nathan were napping. It was just homemade burritos, that we could warm up later. So dinner was all done and ready by 4:00PM. When the little ones woke from their naps we watched a show, and then made those cinnamon Christmas ornaments you see all over Pinterest. It was a total mess. So when we were done I made the kids go straight to the tub. And then my brain just switched to our bedtime routine - totally forgetting they hadn't eaten since lunch. Kissed them goodnight and went downstairs to make some cookies for a project I'm working on. Still never even thinking about the fact that they didn't eat dinner! I had eaten so much while cooking, that I wasn't hungry, so I guess that was factor. Anyway I went upstairs to check on them and heard them chatting. I opened the door to tell them to go to sleep, and they both said, "But Mom, we're SO hungry! We never had dinner."

*slaps forehead*

Mom of the year, right here! And to make you feel even better about your own parenting skills I will tell you what I did next.

I gave them each a giant cookie that I had just made. To eat in bed. After they already brushed their teeth.

I need a  vacation. Good thing my husband is taking me away tonight!! I can NOT wait.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

An eventful week.

Aaron was off all of last week.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. I'm not looking forward to it.

Although this week with him home was anything but relaxing. We spent Monday getting everything done so we could enjoy the rest of "vacation".

Woke up Tuesday morning to the news that my friend was in labor! On her due date! Who does that?! Anyway we had arranged for me to watch her little girl while she was in the hospital. So for the next three days we had an extra little person around. Oh and then Obama won the election that night... it was a ROUGH night!

I have also been feeling extremely helpless as I watch my hometown grieving at the lose of our Jersey shore. My heart seriously broke. And I sat here racked with this feeling of wanting to do something but what can I possibly do from 2,000 miles away? We are living on student loans so it's not like we really have money to donate or anything. Well then I got a crazy idea about a cookie fundraiser. I made a facebook page and started taking orders. I got pretty busy. Baked dozens and dozens of cookies and raised $255 to donate. It made me feel great to be helping, but it was insanely stressful.

We did take some time to got the Phoenix Children's Museum, which is always a good time. Although it was really crowded and as we were leaving Abigail said, "Mom - I tried to have fun, but I was scared of all those people." She is kind of a homebody - like someone else I know. But really they had a great time. (Thanks for the Groupon Mom!)

Nathan is going to be 11 months this week.  !!! Time is crazy. He is crawling everywhere, but I'm sure going to just stand up and start toddling off any minute. He will stand for longer and longer periods of time. He walks around every pushing things around. Chairs, strollers, etc. His vocabulary is growing - added "ow" and "uh-oh" this week. And we're pretty sure we heard a "woof" when he was petting the dog. And then the rest of the time I'm pretty sure he's speaking Parsletongue. And he's our first child who likes Daddy best. It's sad being the reject parent, but after having Olivia and Abigail attached to me 24/7 it's nice to have a baby leap from my arms and into Aaron's.

Abigail and Olivia have the most volatile relationship. But they end every day as best friends. There have been quite a few nights lately where we find them in the same bed. Or hear them singing to each other. I love when they get along. Olivia is loving preschool. She is learning letter sounds now, and will be reading soon. I'm excited for her. Abigail and I do Mommy school most days when Olivia is at school. I cherish the time with her so much. She is such a sweet girl and tells me she loves about 526 times a day.

Just thought I'd do a quick update of what's been going on lately. There are so many times Aaron and I try to figure out what we did for say... Abigail's second Halloween. Were we in NJ? Did we stay in Erie? Let's check the blog! It has answered lots of questions. So future self.. there ya go.