Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nathan is 4!

He got everything he wanted... starting with a foot-long hot dog! (Which he only ate about 3 bites of)

His very own homemade ice cream cake.
 And to fall asleep with me singing him his favorite lullaby, surrounded by his fluffies. He seriously sleeps in that pile every night.

What can I say about Nathan? He is extremely sweet, caring, thoughtful, smart, funny, and lately extremely attached to me and whiny. But we can live with that, when he's this cute. He hates for anything to be thrown away, ever. He begs every night to sleep in his sisters' room. He hates being alone. He hates litter. Any time we are anywhere if he has a wrapper he asks me to hold onto it so "it doesn't blow away and make our earth dirty". His perfect day would be playing video games and watching TV all day, with my sitting right next to him, and his dad nearby to help with the hard parts. He doesn't like to color, at the library we did a craft and made a "leaf man". Most kids glued their assorted colored leaves all over their "man". Nathan just glued one on top of the other, in a nice little pile at the bottom of leaf man's feet. I couldn't imagine life without this little guy, always trying to protect me and his sisters.