Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Baby Boy

I want to take pictures of Nathan with my fancy new cameras, and I keep thinking I will do this  post once I get his pictures done. But those pictures may never happen. So here's a snap shot in words of my baby boy at age 1.

He repeats everything you say like a little parrot. It's so cute. He won't say it again though. Like seriously I've heard him say so many words! But just mimicking what I've said and not really saying them. Words he uses himself are: Mama, Dada, woowoo (for dogs), yaya (Olivia), abba (Abigail) and thank-you. I think that's it.

He's walking more and more. Ooh I made a video! Let's see if I can figure out how to upload it here.

The other lady being excited with me was a random grandma at the museum. She was so funny. She started crying after watching him walk. And she was the one who made sure I got it on video. She was a sweet lady.

He still crawls some, but I think he's starting to prefer walking.

He's the lightest sleeper ever. He never wants to miss a thing. He has to be sure his sisters are going to bed for him to go to bed as well. If hears them at all he starts screaming because he's missing out on the fun.

Screaming. He is a screamer. It drives me and I'm sure everyone else that lives in this house nuts. If he wants something he screams a blood curling scream. He's started using other sounds and signs which is good. And hilarious. He just smacks himself in the head as a general sign for "I want that". Which as I thought about it... most baby signs do involve hitting yourself somewhere on your head or face, so I guess he's not too far off.

His favorite time of the day is bath time. He absolutely loves taking a bath. He hates getting dressed. Cue the blood curling scream. But he also loves getting out of the house. If he's grumpy just going outside instantly improves his mood. He really enjoys the car, and just going places.

My favorite thing about Nathan is his inability to NOT suck his thumb if he touches something soft. It's like a reflex for him. He truly can't help it. He pets the dog, and instantly the thumb is in his mouth. Every night he cuddles up with his soft blanket and sucks his thumb and rests his head on my chest and I just soak it in. I mean how long will a little boy want to sit on my lap and cuddle me? I know this time with him as a baby is short so those moments when we cuddle and he sucks his thumb just melt my heart every time.

And I think that about sums him up. Loud. Talkative. Thumbsucker.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My iPhone ruined my blog

Before blogging was so easy because all my pictures were so easily uploaded from my blog to my phone. I haven't figured out a super easy way to do this with my iPhone so I don't know.

I don't even know what I'm talking about - most of my posts never even include pictures so that's a bad excuse.

Christmas was wonderful.Well for the kids. I got sick shortly after they opened their presents. Like out of nowhere it hit me like a ton of bricks, so sick. It was no fun. I ended up spending all day in bed. Aaron was like, "At least you got to lay in bed all day like you've always wanted." Which is true. I just wish it didn't happen on Christmas day. And that I didn't have a 102 temp and body aches and vomiting all day. Kind of ruins the whole thing really.

But thank goodness Aaron was home so I could rest all day. I couldn't imagine what the day would have been like if he wasn't here.

And now he's sick. Sicker than I was. So today I kept the kids as far away from him as possible.

This year for Christmas the kids got three presents (each) from Aaron and I, and two presents from Santa. We decided on Olivia's first Christmas that we would do three presents. Originally I think our plan was for three presents total (like Jesus got three presents...) but things have evolved. It's just so easy to go way overboard, and they have so many people who love them that they have more than enough stuff. Growing up all of our presents were from Santa. Aaron had "Santa presents" and then presents from his parents. I think it's a little confusing. But at least this way Santa doesn't get ALL the credit. Santa brought the girls Power Wheels. They were a huge hit and it's hilarious to watch them drive all over the basement. Today Olivia took Nathan for a little drive on her lap. He loved it.

I also got spoiled this year. Aaron got me an awesome, amazing, fantastic fancy DSLR (is that what it's called?) camera with lots of different lenses and whatnot. I am SO excited to learn how to use it. Right now every picture comes out pretty fuzzy. But I'm excited to start a hobby of photography. And lucky for me my mom also got me a camera. The one from her is more of a point and shoot. Granted it's 14 megapixel and also super fancy and awesome -- it's easy to use. I love them both. Here are some pictures from the camera from my mom...

Sparkly setting on my camera



One.. we're out of here!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rambling thoughts

This time last year I was a few days away from my due date with Nathan. Super stressed about traveling right after my baby was to be born. Stressed about the end of the semester. And just life in general.

I don't even remember New Year's Eve last year. Really, like at all. Was I still in AZ?

All I know is that I like to live life one day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time. And then things happen and life forces me to think into the future and make these big huge decisions about a thousand tomorrows from now. And I'm like, I can't even decide what to cook for dinner! How am I supposed to decide if and where Aaron should do a Pharmacy Residency. Of course it's a decision we are making together. And with the help of prayer and all that. But still. It stresses me out to literally not even know where to register Olivia for Kindergarten next year.

It is a stressful time.

But at least I'm not pregnant.

Sometimes that thought is my saving grace. Wow these kids are driving me crazy! At least I'm not currently growing another one.

That probably sounds horrible. If you think I am horrible for thinking this I invite you to come spend 24 hours with my little crew.

See how fast you get your tubes tied.


But really...

No, no, my kids are great. In fact, old blog, you might want to know that Nathan isthisclose to walking. He will just stand right up and I know he's just getting ready to take off.

Also, tonight Abigail told me I'm the best cooker in the world of soup. (I made a really yummy black bean soup for dinner. Which Aaron only gave a 4/5 so I won't bother sharing the recipe...)

Also, did you know Netflix got the rights to Disney movies? There are a few titles already available like Dumbo and Pocahontas. When I told Abigial Dumbo was on Netflix and we could watch it whenever she wants she happily exclaimed, "THIS IS MY MAGICAL DREAM COME TRUE!" Her magical dream. So cute. So we watched Dumbo, twice.

Oh I've also been meaning to tell you Abigail has an imaginary friend. Named Abigail. She will often talk about "the other Abigail". From what I know so far she always wears pink. And lives in a pink house. And she taught Abigail how to peddle her bike today.

Olivia is seriously my biggest helper. Most days. Tonight while giving the kids a bath, I was letting them play and Olivia took a wash cloth and cleaned Nathan's face for me. She is always trying to cheer him up if he's crabby and tonight she shared her ice cream with him. She really has a good heart.

Speaking of which, when she emptied her piggy bank and counted her money ($1.57) she asked me if she could go buy something for Abigail. I said sure when Dad gets home. Then she asked if she could just give it to an orphan. Or maybe that little girl in New Jersey whose house got washed away. Or maybe someone in Japan whose house got washed away. Finally deciding on an orphan since that is just the saddest thing she could possibly imagine. So we are sending her money to a local orphanage. She wished she had hundreds of dollars so she could give it to everyone. When I asked her if she would buy anything for herself she said, "I don't care about myself, Mom. I just like to help people. Isn't that what Jesus would do?" Yes, yes I think it is exactly what Jesus would do. And that's what I told her. And she beamed.

Maybe I do like these kids after all.