Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My iPhone ruined my blog

Before blogging was so easy because all my pictures were so easily uploaded from my blog to my phone. I haven't figured out a super easy way to do this with my iPhone so I don't know.

I don't even know what I'm talking about - most of my posts never even include pictures so that's a bad excuse.

Christmas was wonderful.Well for the kids. I got sick shortly after they opened their presents. Like out of nowhere it hit me like a ton of bricks, so sick. It was no fun. I ended up spending all day in bed. Aaron was like, "At least you got to lay in bed all day like you've always wanted." Which is true. I just wish it didn't happen on Christmas day. And that I didn't have a 102 temp and body aches and vomiting all day. Kind of ruins the whole thing really.

But thank goodness Aaron was home so I could rest all day. I couldn't imagine what the day would have been like if he wasn't here.

And now he's sick. Sicker than I was. So today I kept the kids as far away from him as possible.

This year for Christmas the kids got three presents (each) from Aaron and I, and two presents from Santa. We decided on Olivia's first Christmas that we would do three presents. Originally I think our plan was for three presents total (like Jesus got three presents...) but things have evolved. It's just so easy to go way overboard, and they have so many people who love them that they have more than enough stuff. Growing up all of our presents were from Santa. Aaron had "Santa presents" and then presents from his parents. I think it's a little confusing. But at least this way Santa doesn't get ALL the credit. Santa brought the girls Power Wheels. They were a huge hit and it's hilarious to watch them drive all over the basement. Today Olivia took Nathan for a little drive on her lap. He loved it.

I also got spoiled this year. Aaron got me an awesome, amazing, fantastic fancy DSLR (is that what it's called?) camera with lots of different lenses and whatnot. I am SO excited to learn how to use it. Right now every picture comes out pretty fuzzy. But I'm excited to start a hobby of photography. And lucky for me my mom also got me a camera. The one from her is more of a point and shoot. Granted it's 14 megapixel and also super fancy and awesome -- it's easy to use. I love them both. Here are some pictures from the camera from my mom...

Sparkly setting on my camera



One.. we're out of here!

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  1. I love the idea of getting the kids 3 presents b/c Jesus got 3 presents and the rest being from Santa. I hope you guys both feel lots better soon. Merry Christmas and here's hoping that the new year brings lots and lots of Opie family posts!!!