Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Baby Boy

I want to take pictures of Nathan with my fancy new cameras, and I keep thinking I will do this  post once I get his pictures done. But those pictures may never happen. So here's a snap shot in words of my baby boy at age 1.

He repeats everything you say like a little parrot. It's so cute. He won't say it again though. Like seriously I've heard him say so many words! But just mimicking what I've said and not really saying them. Words he uses himself are: Mama, Dada, woowoo (for dogs), yaya (Olivia), abba (Abigail) and thank-you. I think that's it.

He's walking more and more. Ooh I made a video! Let's see if I can figure out how to upload it here.

The other lady being excited with me was a random grandma at the museum. She was so funny. She started crying after watching him walk. And she was the one who made sure I got it on video. She was a sweet lady.

He still crawls some, but I think he's starting to prefer walking.

He's the lightest sleeper ever. He never wants to miss a thing. He has to be sure his sisters are going to bed for him to go to bed as well. If hears them at all he starts screaming because he's missing out on the fun.

Screaming. He is a screamer. It drives me and I'm sure everyone else that lives in this house nuts. If he wants something he screams a blood curling scream. He's started using other sounds and signs which is good. And hilarious. He just smacks himself in the head as a general sign for "I want that". Which as I thought about it... most baby signs do involve hitting yourself somewhere on your head or face, so I guess he's not too far off.

His favorite time of the day is bath time. He absolutely loves taking a bath. He hates getting dressed. Cue the blood curling scream. But he also loves getting out of the house. If he's grumpy just going outside instantly improves his mood. He really enjoys the car, and just going places.

My favorite thing about Nathan is his inability to NOT suck his thumb if he touches something soft. It's like a reflex for him. He truly can't help it. He pets the dog, and instantly the thumb is in his mouth. Every night he cuddles up with his soft blanket and sucks his thumb and rests his head on my chest and I just soak it in. I mean how long will a little boy want to sit on my lap and cuddle me? I know this time with him as a baby is short so those moments when we cuddle and he sucks his thumb just melt my heart every time.

And I think that about sums him up. Loud. Talkative. Thumbsucker.

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  1. My daughter watched the video 15 times and then started to mess with the fast forward to give it a DJed vibe. I am now very aware he is a "little gift from God" and completely agree :)