Sunday, February 23, 2014

Random update

Elizabeth 1 week old

Elizabeth 1 month old

 My project dresser. I'm still working on decorating their room and I'd love to be the cute mommy blogger who posts pictures of those things when I'm done, but I probably won't, let's be real here. But I am so excited for painting furniture. Olivia helped me with this and she was so cute. She wants to start a business painting people's furniture. I asked her what she'd do with all her money and she thought a minute then said, "Uhm, put it in giant bags, probably. And carry it around."

 Abigail's face. Need I say more?

 Here's my whole crew, with my momma. We miss her so much, and wish the distance from AZ to NJ was like... a lot less. Let's just get rid of all those Midwestern states and push us closer together, huh? Plan B is to convince her to become a snowbird.