Friday, November 30, 2012

A Post To Make You Feel Better About Your Parenting

Last night I forgot to feed my children dinner. Completely forgot.

There is a story behind it, I guess. But the bottom line is I put my children to bed without feeding them dinner!

So here's the whole story. Maybe it will improve your opinion of me a little bit...

Last night I cooked dinner early while Abigail and Nathan were napping. It was just homemade burritos, that we could warm up later. So dinner was all done and ready by 4:00PM. When the little ones woke from their naps we watched a show, and then made those cinnamon Christmas ornaments you see all over Pinterest. It was a total mess. So when we were done I made the kids go straight to the tub. And then my brain just switched to our bedtime routine - totally forgetting they hadn't eaten since lunch. Kissed them goodnight and went downstairs to make some cookies for a project I'm working on. Still never even thinking about the fact that they didn't eat dinner! I had eaten so much while cooking, that I wasn't hungry, so I guess that was factor. Anyway I went upstairs to check on them and heard them chatting. I opened the door to tell them to go to sleep, and they both said, "But Mom, we're SO hungry! We never had dinner."

*slaps forehead*

Mom of the year, right here! And to make you feel even better about your own parenting skills I will tell you what I did next.

I gave them each a giant cookie that I had just made. To eat in bed. After they already brushed their teeth.

I need a  vacation. Good thing my husband is taking me away tonight!! I can NOT wait.


  1. HA! I had a great parenting moment this week too! We can be terrible together :)

  2. You have a knack at writing about parenting goof-ups and making them SO endearing!!!! I love this one! Your kids are going to LOVE this blog when they are parents!

  3. Loo i agree with Lisa! And i have done something similar!