Monday, October 27, 2014

Eliza 9 months old

I can't get enough of this cute baby.
At 9 months Eliza says a few little words. 
Mama, dada, I think she tries to say hi when she waves.
She pulls herself up on everything, and will walk if she's holding your hands.
She has 6 teeth, almost 7.
I hate talking about my kids sleep because I feel like I always jinx it. So I will just say, right now she is sleeping good. Soooo good. But of course I have three other kids, and my little miss Abigail has been waking up at 3:00AM for almost a week now. To say I'm tired is an understatement. To say, I almost killed the cat out of exhaustion and frustration would be accurate.

She's going as a fairy from Wind Waker, my kid's favorite video game lately.

She loves to sit at the piano and bang away at the keys.

Helping me clean the laundry room. Look at those teeth!

Reading me a book.

Her face is so cute. Ignore whatever is she has on her pj's. It looks like a bug, but I am sure it is not a bug. I mean it's probably not a bug. Do you think it's a bug?

Nathan is naughty, and she's now petrified of this toy.

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