Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a weekend!

We had a surprise party for our friend over the weekend. His wife was over-the-top crazy about every last detail being perfect... and I think we almost achieved it! Of course looking back there is always things that you would have done differently, but overall it was a great night. The best part was that he was actually surprised so that was way fun. The worst part is... well one the guests said it best, "That was a lot of work for a couple of hours." Yes, yes it was. But it was fun. And it's not over yet... we still have a lot of clean up to do!

Today has been a pretty fabulous day. This morning we yard saled, went out to breakfast, and then came home and had a "kid" party with some friends and the left over food and decorations. Then Aaron's cousin Brad graciously offered to watch all the kids so my friend (his sister) and I could go out for an hour. Well an hour turned into 2.5... Costco on a Saturday afternoon is CraZy! Anyway it was nice to just get out with a friend and chat.

Then, probably the best part of the whole night was cuddling my sweet little Nathan before putting him down for bed. He was just so cuddly and kept rubbing my arm with his sweet little hands. And then I couldn't help it, I just covered his little cheeks in kisses. And then a few moments later I hear him making these loud smacking noises with his lips and I realized he had done that earlier after I had kissed him and it dawned on me that he was "kissing" me back. I started laughing at this realization which totally excited him and made him start his happy little squeals. It was a good moment. A moment that made me realize I love this. All of this. Motherhood. I love it.

Tonight when I was giving Olivia a bath she started talking about college... yes she's 4... and asking me if I can be her teacher for college. She told me just loves me so much she never wants to leave. Figured I'd write this down so I can remind her in 14 years.

Also sometimes Abigail will be crying and when I ask her what's wrong she'll say, "Nuffin' I just love you SO much!"  Okay she's only done that once... and I'm sure she was crying about something else, but I thought it was so incredibly cute that she said that.

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  1. I am so happy everything went well for the party! I have been wanting to ask you. And always i always love reading you're posts!