Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's going on

These four kids looked super cute as we were leaving for church a couple of weeks ago, and we were actually running a bit early so I made them sit for a picture. This is the best I could get.

This is just a quick update for myself for future reference!

Olivia is 6 and about to start first grade next week. Right now she's obsessed with Mario Kart on the Wii-U. It's funny and since we're in the final days of summer vacation I'm letting her live it up. She is really excited for school to start. She doesn't want to take the bus this year, I'm going to drive her and I hope that once she meets some friends she'll want to take the bus and save me from the pick up/drop off line! But I'll be happy to spend the time with her. It feels like she's growing up so fast.

Abigail - 4 years old. Also obsessed with Mario Kart, but I think just because she wants to play with Olivia. She is just Abigail. Sweet, quick to listen, but the laziest of the bunch! When there is a job to do you, you will usually find Abigail hiding somewhere. Or, every once in a while she surprises us all and is the hardest worker. She'll be starting preschool three days a week, the week after next. I am sure she's going to love it. I'm going to miss her! And it's going to be a little crazy driving back and forth all of the time. I'm hoping I'll meet another mom who wants to carpool! But I'm looking forward to the mornings she's at preschool because Eliza will nap, and it will just be me and Nathan!

Nathan - 2.5  He's a funny little guy. He loves to make us laugh, and it's not hard because I laugh at just about everything he says. He's always surprising me with words he knows. He's finally completely potty trained, including naps and overnight! He can also be the biggest grump you've ever seen. A little black rain cloud, really.

Eliza - 6 months. She crawls. She still falls over when she's sitting up for a minute or so. She babbles nonstop. She eats everything in sight. Even things that were out of sight! She loves fruit and veggies. I just give her little pieces of whatever we're eating and she loves it. She sleeps about 12 hours every night. And she has two teeth.

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