Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Physical Pain Of Motherhood

So almost everyone knows about the pain of childbirth. We talk about that all the time. But we don't talk much about the pain that follows for the next... 6ish years?  I'm not talking about postpartum cramps, or healing episiotomies.

No, I'm talking about the hair pulling. The biting. The especially painful nipple biting, if you're breastfeeding. The accidental stabbing in the eye with a popsicle stick. The feet that once kicked your ribs from the inside, can cause equal pain by kicking you from the outside as you try to force them into a car seat.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers from these injuries every single freaking day. I don't think my kids are especially violent, and we don't tolerate hitting, or kicking or punching, or biting. But they are kids. And they are learning. Although if you've been in my house you might notice I don't mind lots of physical play with my kids. Ya know, airplane, piggy back rides, and just the general mom jungle gym every time I sit on the floor. And, yes sometimes we even play fight. I should probably learn to just stop these things because someone almost always gets hurt.

Then there's the baby. She's pretty innocent, but those nails will claw your face off. And there may only be one tooth in her mouth but it's razor sharp and can do serious damage when she decides to clamp down. She also has an uncanny way to reach up and grab those tiny hairs on the back of my neck and rip them out.

The toddler, who can at least apologize after he slaps you across the face with Mater-shaped brass knuckles, still manages to inflict injury almost daily. Although no where near as often as the baby. But he still doesn't quite understand where his body ends and mine begins. Giving him a cuddle at night has often ended with his head hitting my chin as he jumped up unexpectedly. Any mother can tell you how wonderful an uppercut to the jaw from a toddler's head feels.

The older two have finally learned somewhat to control their bodies. But I'd be lying if I said it's been years since Olivia caused me physical pain. Although usually it comes from her trying to help and accidentally closing my finger in the van door.

The pain of motherhood certainly begins during pregnancy, but definitely doesn't end with childbirth. It's all very physically taxing. Although I have heard that little kids step on your toes, but big kids step on your heart. And that sounds a lot more painful. So I'll enjoy them, and continue to endure the hair pulling, nipple biting, and eye stabbing.

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  1. It is true! I love your description of Nathan's brass knuckles or tow mater lol