Thursday, July 24, 2014

An early morning moment with this girl

The cutest thing ever lately has been Olivia's obsession with this children' bible. She found it when we were cleaning out a closet. She has been slowly coming along in her reading, but hasn't really wanted to do things that are too hard. She doesn't like making mistakes and if she can't do it perfectly, she'd rather not do it. So it's been slow and steady with her reading. And it's funny to me that this is the first book she's pushed herself to read. It is actually pretty long, and has some difficult words, I'd say probably 2nd - 3rd grade level. And she is pushing herself, and sounding things out, and so excited about it. You can kind of see it in her eyes in this picture.
She even wanted to bring it to camp with her today. But I wouldn't let her, mostly because when she is reading it she is leaving everyone else alone, and it's quiet, and I'd like to save that goodness for home thank you very much. 
Every time she finishes another page she marvels over how many pages she's read. And then she looks at how much further she has to go, and thumbs through the pages. And I can just see it. She's falling in love with reading and that makes my heart happy.
Also it has the story of Moses' birth and how his mom put him in a basket and sent him down the river, and the Pharaoh's daughter found him. It ended it there. So I said, "Hey want to hear something really neat that they left out?" She said of course. SoI told her about how Moses' mother got to be his wet nurse. Since I've nursed all her siblings she's well aware of breastfeeding and all that. So when I explained how it worked back then, she literally jumped off the couch and screamed excitedly. She went on and on, "Wow!! She was probably like, oh I'm so sad I'm never going to see my son again!! Wah wah wah... and then poof she got to hold her baby AND FEED HIM! And she was probably like, Moses is that really you? I can't believe it." 
And that made my heart happy.

It's been happy times around here lately. Let's hold on to this feeling.

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  1. That's awesome! What a great book for her to fall in love with! Smart,sweet girl!