Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Funny things lately

Olivia, out of the blue walks into my room and asks, "Why doesn't any days of the week start with a 'P'?"
My funny, potty humor comeback was, "I thought every day started with pee." Bahaha..

And darnit every other thing that was in my head when I sat down at the computer has now left my brain.

Although as I type this Olivia is telling me about a website that she sees commercials for every day. "Mom, every day I watch TV I see a commercial for You should check that out."

Abigail's nightmares are as horrifying as ever. Last night she had a bad dream where she fell under a bridge and saw a troll. She described the troll like, "It had crazy purple hair. And a big nose. (Normal so far, right?) And swampy feet... with blood on them. And blood on its hands. And skin on its teeth. And blood dripping from its mouth. And he was looking at something, but then he saw me and he turned real quick and looked at me and was angry." And as I'm writing this she told me "Don't forget it had red glowing eyes." Creepiest troll ever. I swear this child has never been through any traumatic experiences, but I think a child psychologist would argue with me. At least once a day this child mentions death, blood, etc. I thought it was just the age, or a stage but she has been obsessed with death since she could talk, basically.

Nathan likes to argue and sometimes it's really cute (most of the time it's frustrating as heck). It's cute when I tell him he's cute and he replies, "No YOU'RE cute!"

I really need to start writing things down as they are said because my memory stinks!

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  1. Abigail is going to be the next Stephen king!