Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Three Daughters

Look at these girls!

It is overwhelming to me that I have been trusted to raise these three beautiful little women.

I used to think raising a baby was hard. But I've learned it really doesn't get easier. In fact I kind of prefer the, "Just keep them alive - while they are trying to kill themselves" stage, to raising children who will soon be teenagers and you have to teach them about life, and you're constantly worried you are screwing them up stage.

I do enjoy it. It is amazing when they do these cute little things that make you realize you are doing something right. And not being needed for every single moment of their day is nice too. The moment a child can get out of bed and go to the bathroom and put themselves back to bed, is a game changer. And when that same child can wake up in the morning, turn on the tv, and make themselves a bowl of cereal... well Mom gets to enjoy freedom she hasn't seen in 6.5 years. There's also the plus side of having cheap labor. Although any parent can tell you, getting a child to do a simple task like putting away their clothes is ten thousand times harder than just doing it yourself. But of course you can't. Because no one wants to raise entitled, bratty children who never learned how to work. So instead of just doing it yourself, you nag, bribe, cajole, bend over backwards, to get your kids to do their chores. I am lucky though. There are times when Olivia randomly decides she's going to clean the toy closet. Or clean her whole room. Or do the dishes... all on her own. Of course these times usually coincide with bed time, but I am okay with that. If you're not tired, I always have a job for you.

Anyway I'm just rambling and not sure where I'm going with these thoughts. Aaron has been working a lot. We had Emily stay with us for a couple of weeks. Then we went to the family reunion in Heber, which was so much fun. Now we have less than a month until school starts, and since we've already spent countless hours with cousins, swimming, playing, hiking, I'm kind of okay with spending the next three weeks with video games and tv.

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