Thursday, July 10, 2014

As Seen On my Morning Run

This is Yuma:

Yes we have stores and other things that small towns have, but we also have fields. Acres and acres of fields. It's one of my favorite things about Yuma. I love watching the fields turn from dirt to little green sprouts, to rows and rows of recognizable lettuce, and wheat... and some not so recognizable other random plants.

I'm also grateful my baby woke me up at 5:00am this morning because I was able to go for an actual outdoor run before it got too hot. I could have snuggled her and fallen back to sleep, but I always regret it if I try to sneak in a couple more hours of sleep. I never regret getting out of bed and going for a run.

I had these deep thoughts while running the other day. This is my only chance to have a mortal body. One day, and who knows when, I will no longer be able to go for a run, ride a bike, hike a mountain, swim in the ocean, etc, etc. What an awful feeling it would be to no longer have this body, and feel like I wasted my only opportunity to really see what it was capable of. What if I died, and the only thing I ever really did was use my body for my own gratification, like eating Oreo's and laying around mindlessly watching tv, etc.  I don't want to get to the end of my life feeling like I've never really lived. I want to live every moment, not just pass the time! And so for some reason that to me equates to doing Yoga, training to run a half marathon, and basically just trying to carpe the crap out of every diem I'm given.

So yes those were my deep thoughts at 5:30 this morning. Now trying to live it, while also raising four small kids who try my patience every minute of the day.


  1. Exercise can heal the world! I'm so proud of you for going on a run. It takes so much mental energy but so worth it! I drove through yuma this weekend and I wanted to stop and visit, but I equally wanted to get my kids home to bed. Next time!

  2. LOL you inspire me I need to carpe the crap out of every Diem too!