Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My brain is mush

I can't seem to remember anything anymore. I need to be better at writing things down as soon as they happen. My kids make me laugh daily. And now I can't think of what was so funny.

Abigail did tell me the other day, "Mama, my pee is coming out so slowly a butterfly could land on it."

WHAT! I couldn't stop laughing. She does know that to catch a butterfly you have to be very still, and it might land on you. I guess her pee was just that slow. Strange child.

Nathan was crying the other day and Olivia sang him a song about growing up, and how hard it is. The lyrics were quite hilarious, but I can't remember a single one now.

My family must want me to neglect my children because they all sent me requests to play some silly facebook game. And now I'm obsessed and told my children that this candy isn't going to crush itself and to go play outside so I could finish my game. I may or may not have also let them have a bag of chocolate chips to buy myself 10 more minutes...

There is laundry to be done, laundry to be folded, laundry to be put away... dishes to be washed, and dishes to be put away... dinner to be cooked, beds to be made, toys to put away, trash to be emptied... but there's also candy. To be crushed. Just 10 more minutes...

*someone have an intervention. I've only been playing this game for 24 hours and I need help.

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  1. Whenever I get addicted to something, I give it a week of my life and then it typically fades into manageable proportions. Except for Korean dramas, those were a whole different animal.

    I say you just enjoy the cheap entertainment while it still entertains you :)