Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day... make that week.

Want to hear about my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? Of course you do! Because it will probably make you laugh and hopefully make you feel a little better about your day.

Actually it started a few nights ago. I couldn't sleep. I woke up at 3:00AM... and never fell back to sleep. So the next night thought for sure I'd be out like a light. Nope, finally fell asleep around 2:00AM. And then started my day as usual around 6:00AM. Then last night... of course so tired I'd surely fall right to sleep. NOPE. Went to bed around 9:00PM, and didn't fall asleep until about midnight. Only to be woken up by throbbing pain in my jaw two hours later. So from 2:00AM - 5:00AM I rolled around and writhed in agony, until apparently falling asleep, because suddenly it was 7:30 and Aaron was handing me a crying Nathan because he had to leave for work.

Then the day seemed to be just fine. Just a lazy morning. Of course I was extremely tired and that throbbing jaw pain wasn't getting any better. Got Olivia off to school, and some friends came over to play. Then when they left I decided to call the dentist. Literally just the thought of calling the dentist sends me running to the bathroom (the mind-gut relationship is a real thing). But I had to. And his office was closed, but there was a number for dental emergencies. Well my wisdom tooth broke. And the jagged part of the tooth was cutting into my cheek, causing swelling and bleeding. It felt like an emergency to me. So I called. And Dr. Lloyd answers and I go on and on about I'm sorry I'm not sure this is an emergency, and do you remember my wisdom teeth from 4 years ago the last time you looked at them? And now one of them broke, like in half... is that something you can fix? And he quietly replies, "Well, I'm not sure... see my mom just died, like she just died, I'm actually with her right now..." OH MY GOSH! I felt horrible for the 10 minutes of babbling I had just done during this sacred moment. I apologized over and over and he said it was okay, and he recommended an oral surgeon for me to go. I called the oral surgeon and if I didn't want to throw up at the thought of someone ripping a tooth out of my head before hearing the prices, I sure did after. The ladies were very nice and told me I could call some kind of Care Credit or something. I called them, and got denied, since we have no income. I cried, and cried and cried. Like all the thoughts of what the heck is going on, we didn't get a residency, we still haven't found a job, we have three kids and are living with family, my teeth are falling out of my head, and we have no money to fix it and I just sobbed. And sobbed. Finally Aaron called. He told me it's okay. We do have a credit card that we can put it on. So I called the oral surgeon's office back and scheduled my consultation. I was shaking and crying the entire way there, but somehow their staff immediately put me at ease. I sat down in the chairs and watched HGTV and felt grateful for the break! I wasn't crying or shaking and I felt calm for the first time ever in a dentist's office. Anyway I'm making a long story longer. Basically a week from tomorrow they will extract the infected tooth. All of them need to come out eventually, but this one is really, really bad and needs to come out as soon as possible. Since it's over $300 a tooth he said waiting until my husband has a job is probably a good idea. He also gave me some scripts for pain meds and antibiotic since the infection has already traveled to my bone and lymph nodes. Yay.

Then I came home to a fevered, puking Abigail. She had been fine all day, and my mother-in-law said out of no where she spiked a high fever, and then shortly after that she started puking. Yay.

Then later when the day was almost over, as I was cleaning some puke, Nathan was pouring a bag of Diatomacious Earth onto my floor and eating handfuls of it. Fortunately, after calling Poison Control I found out that despite what it says on the package it is Non-Toxic and won't harm him. At least not in the quantities he ate. Yay.

Oh and TMI alert, but I also started my period on Monday and it's so heavy, and my cramps were SO bad I seriously considered going to the hospital for fear of it being an ectopic pregnancy or something weird. It wasn't... who knows what it was, but yeah. Dealing with THAT issue on top of everything else.

So this was my pity party. I hope you enjoyed it. Now for the light. A few days ago I was feeling so overwhelmed with this new rotation schedule, and all the decisions to be made, I asked Aaron if they ever put people into medically induced comas because they just can't handle life. I thought a nice coma sounded pretty peaceful and wonderful about now. Aaron told me that wasn't an option. They can't just put you in a coma because you don't want to be awake. And you could die from being put into a coma, and blah blah blah.... But then when I talked to the oral surgeon about the anesthesia used for the tooth extraction it sounded EXACTLY like what I was wanting. A needle in my arm, lay down fall asleep, and wake up a few hours later. Maybe it will be a nice little break. He also said I would need to just take it easy for the three days after. In my mind I saw a little sign that looked like this, "TAKE IT EASY = LAY IN BED AND PLAY CANDY CRUSH ALL DAY. FOR THREE DAYS." I think I can handle that.

He also gave me some wax stuff to put on my sharp tooth so it would stop cutting my cheek. Already feels so much better.

And so here's the weekend and much better days ahead. (Thursday is our Friday!)


  1. This is the saddest post :( I remember when I first started reading your blog, you wrote about a really horrible dentist visit, so I remember how much you hate dentists. I'm glad you found a nice one b/c that last guy was awful.Get a blessing and a chocolate shake from McDonald's, that would be my advice ;) I hope you feel better and everything goes smoothly!

  2. Sometimes I think about a medically induced coma would be a good thing too, just for one night, to get a really good sleep. But then again, I think, isn't that what killed Michael Jackson. Maybe not my best thought. Yes, play candy crush, that will take it all away... (As I'm now stuck at level 144, why oh why did I start this new game?!
    Hope life gets better...

  3. Holy crap! I seriously hope this is the worst week you have for the rest of your life, EVER!