Thursday, March 28, 2013

Well since you asked...

Today I realized I was sick of looking at my shaggy dirty dog. I have been saying I was going to give him a bath for a couple of weeks now. Always later when I had time. Well when later came and I did have time the last thing I wanted to do was bathe a dog. So... no time like the present! It didn't matter to me that all three of my children were awake, and wanting to help. Together we all squeezed in the bathroom and threw the dog in the tub. While giving him a bath I realized I should just shave him. It's getting hot here, and well why not. So out came the clippers.

Abigail had scissors which she used to cut the hair that fell from Binky while I shaved him.

Olivia gathered the hair and was making a mountain out of it.

Nathan sat on my lap assisting me with the clippers. His hand just under mine as we shaved and shaved.

Foruntately throughout all of this, the only blood shed was when I nicked Binky just under his tail. Poor dog. But considering everything that was going on I think we made out a-okay.

Now I just have to clean up all that dog hair and try to get the wet dog smell out of my room.

Oh that's right... didn't have half a mind to do this project outside! My bedroom of all places. I really don't think things through very well. But hey, the dog looks great... okay great's a stretch, but he looks better than he did before, and I didn't have to fork over $40!

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  1. Dude, I'm tired reading those're awesome!