Friday, March 15, 2013

Only For Forever

Is about how long it has been since I updated this blog.

It's also how long Abigail asked me to hold her "egg" (an airsoft gun bullet, pellet, whatever those little fluorescent colored balls are called).

It's also how long I get to be with this wonderful little family of mine.

Only for forever.

Funny things that happen often around here that I know will forget once this time passes, but I want to remember so I will write them...

Whenever my girls take off their shirts at the end of the day and they have them up over their heads, behind their necks, and are completely naked besides this shirt covering their shoulders and back of their neck they ask me if they look like an old woman. It cracks me up every time. I think they think it looks like a shawl frequently worn by older women. Never mind the fact that they are completely naked otherwise.

Okay now I'm stumped. I can't think of any of the other things that have been cracking me up.

It's been a long month.

Olivia turned FIVE! We had a birthday party in the basement. It was supposed to be outside at a park, but it was the one day of the entire year that was rainy and 50 degrees! Thanks to a team effort and an awesome husband she had a great party.

I washed my iphone in the washing machine. I don't even want to talk about it.

We went on a cabin trip with some friends... THANK YOU again Hallsteads!

We went on a family trip to Cottonwood to check out a possible town we may end up living in.

We purchased a play house, water table and inflatable pool for the backyard.

We've had many trips to museums, parks and the library.

We went to Mesa Spark festival.

And we've watched lots of Netflix.

And we're anxiously waiting to find out if Aaron will match for residency. (Stay tuned - March 22nd)

That's about it. Hopefully this post will get the ball rolling and I'll start updating regularly again.

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