Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Mother's Love Story

Today I took all three of my kiddos to the children's museum for member appreciation day. Curious George was there. Cookie decorating. Free breakfast from Mesa Public Schools. It was all sorts of fun. Then we left to spend some of the generous Valentine's Day money my mom sent the kids. Olivia has been wanting some books so we headed to Bookman's. I have not been there since before we moved to PA. Nathan fell asleep on the way over.

A little back story. When Aaron and I were first married we lived right across the street from Bookman's . There's also a dollar store right next to it. When we were trying to get pregnant and my period would be a few days late I would always go to that dollar store and pick up a pregnancy test. And since I didn't have enough patience to actually wait until I got home to pee on a stick, I would walk next door to Bookman's and use their bathroom. Many tears of disappointment were shed in that bathroom. Month after agonizing month.

However, today I found myself standing in that same bathroom with my THREE children. Nathan asleep in my arms, and holding Abigail up with my other arm, awkwardly balanced on my leg so she could wash her hands. My arms were literally full of babies. I thought about how it was only about five and a half years ago I was crying my eyes out in that bathroom certain I would never have the chance to be a mother and feeling so completely empty. And now here I am so incredibly full.

This morning Olivia brought me breakfast in bed. A bowl of my favorite cereal, and a glass of water. The thoughtfulness and sweetness totally outweighed the mess.

Abigail brought me an arm full of weeds flowers and declared, "HAPPY BALEMTIMES DAY!"

Nathan has been running up to me all day saying, "mmmmmm" Which is how he gives his kisses.

My heart is so full of love for these precious children today. I am so grateful they are all mine... well I guess I can share them with Aaron. But I know they were Heavenly Father's before they were mine. And I feel completely honored that He trusts me with these amazing spirits.


  1. That is such a cute story! Love it!!

  2. Beautiful!
    I used to work at Lenscrafters in the mall while I was trying to get pregnant, and of course I could never wait either. I'd buy and try on my break and my crying stall was in JCPenny's. ;)
    Happy Balemtimes to your whole fam :)

  3. Didn't have trouble getting pregnant, but I did have trouble getting married. I've thought the same thing, every once in awhile I take my kids to the park or car or room where we broke up (a lot), and it's like "take that past hurt." Incredible story.

  4. That is such a sweet story, thanks for sharing!