Monday, February 11, 2013

To make you smile on a Monday

The other day we were picking up Aunt Emily from school early because she was feeling a little sad about some high school drama. I told my kids we were going to take her out for an ice cream cone to cheer her up.

Abigail piped up, "Can I get an ice cream cone too? Because I'm sad too... I'm sad because....because... because I don't have an ice cream cone!"

Best logic ever.

Then over the weekend we were babysitting for a friend who has a 3 month old baby. Nathan was so NOT happy about the new baby. He is a jealous kid! The best part was when Aaron was holding the baby and Ammon was holding Nathan. Nate looked baby, looked at Aaron, and then pointed at the baby and while looking at Aaron did his sign for "hands off'". Total serious face. Just hands off! It made us all laugh. I love that he's getting so good at communicating what he wants.

And then today Olivia went for a walk outside. It was pretty cold. Ya know like 50 degrees, or something. She came back and told me, "Mom it's so cold out there! It's practically like a blister." I chuckled and asked, "A blister, huh?" And in her matter-of-fact-duh-mom-voice, she replied, "Yeah a blister. Ya know. Blisters are really cold, and it's almost like a blister out there."

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