Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today Olivia's thinking cap ran out of batteries.

That girl is a laugh a minute. She was reading her book for school and having a really hard time focusing. She told me it was because her thinking cap must have run out of batteries. So she "took it off" and "charged it". But then of course when she put it back on she put on the wrong one and this one made her sing her ABC's, not help her read.

It took us about an hour but we got through the book.

She's also taken to using British slang. Like exclaiming, "Brilliant!" When she's about something. There was something else she said that made me feel like I was reading JK Rowling or something but now I can't remember what it was.

And in response to Lisa's comment... Abigail usually is my easy going one. But lately she has been a time bomb! And Olivia knows exactly how to set her off. Each morning this week I have woken up to "OLIVIA! STOP IT!" And the wails of a scorned Abigail. Aren't you jealous?

But she's been making me laugh too. She wrote her name the other day. It was most scribbles, with a few recognizable letters, and about 20 extra characters. She told me she wanted her name to have a smiley face in it. And a horn. So her name could be a unicorn name. Oh to be 3 years old!

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  1. Your kids are so clever and funny! You know how you wonder if your kids are really that funny or just amusing to you because your their mom? Well your kids are really, truly funny!!! I'd love to be their primary teacher :) Have a great weekend! (I have to give a talk, wish me luck...)