Thursday, August 23, 2012

You don't even want to know.

Or maybe you do.

Aaron asked me not to blog about poop.

At least not the part where Nathan was eating it.

Sorry, babe.

This story must be told, in all its grossest details. Because I'm in a blogging funk, and nothing gets you out of a blogging funk like a good poop story. Am I right, or am I right?

First a little back story. I have a friend with magical pooping powers. Her name's Staci and she lives in Erie. And every.single.time she babysat my kids one or all would poop. Massive amounts of poop. Even my constipated kids who hadn't pooped in forever, would undoubtedly poop while in Staci's care. Even if it was only an hour!!

Poor, Staci!

So now fast forward... we are living in AZ. We decide to take a little drive to visit a friend from Erie who is also living in Arizona. It's about a 45 minute drive. As we start to get closer, we are driving past horses and cows and it's kind of stinky. The girls are complaining of the poop smell and I told them there was nothing I could do, it was just the farms and stuff. And then Abigail said Nathan was eating poop. Uhm, what? How is that even possible. I couldn't really see, but then Olivia looked and started freaking out. "MOM! HE'S EATING POOP!!!" So I pull over as soon as I can and find Nathan covered from head to toe in nastiness.



I didn't have wipes. And I didn't have a back up outfit.

So as stinky as we were, we ventured into Target to buy wipes and an outfit and get cleaned up in the bathroom.

Oh it was so bad. It was literally the worst explosion of any of my kids.

Okay so no big deal, we get cleaned up, and get on our merry way. Had a great time hanging out with our friends. About 4 hours later, I get home and look at Facebook.

I have a comment from Staci, from 4 hours ago.

"Hey miss ya! Sending poop vibes your way."

Those are some strong vibes!!! I called Staci and told her to hang on to her vibes until we can get better diapers.

Meanwhile I'm thinking Staci should start some kind of business for constipated children. I am not the only person who's kids she affects this way! How crazy is that?

Poop vibes...


  1. Wow. WOW. That's all that can be said. Motherhood: When you're not laughing, you're crying.

  2. That is a fabulous poop story. I'm so glad you shared it

  3. haha! What a great story, I'm glad you shared. My kids always had to go when we would visit my sister... so if it had been a while I'd be like "Let's go to Aunt Sarah's!" It's a gift I guess. :)

  4. Now that's how to break thru a blogging rut! Inspiring! ;)

  5. BAHAHA! I mean, it's not funny that he ate his poop. What possesses children to try something like that?!?! But it is funny that Staci's poop vibes worked all the way from Erie. And SO awesome that a Target was on your way to your friends.

  6. Very funny. Well that you had to clean it up. We have also had several poop incidents at Staci's!