Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finally! A minute!

So tonight we laid Nathan down for a nap at 5:00PM.  It is now almost 10 and he is still asleep...

I have a feeling it might be a long night. Or should I say a very short night?

Anyway, I should go to sleep since I am going to wake up and go running at 5:00AM. But I feel sad for this neglected blog and there are many stories that need to be recorded.

Like how I broke the window of our van just days before our big move. And how it rained on our yard sale. And how a jerk at the airport insisted on seeing Nathan's birth certificate to prove he was under two!! My seven month old, in his infant seat, needed proof of his age! It was insane. Fortunately by some miracle his birth certificate was actually not on the moving truck, but with my mother-in-law in AZ. So she was able to fax a copy to the jerks at Southwest. Oh that was stressful!

Anyway we loaded the last of the boxes off the moving truck today.

I also got to meet a blogging friend in real life, and so now she is a real life friend! She was already real life friends with my husband (he dated her sister in high school or so I hear) so it wasn't like totally meeting a stranger. She is amazing and so awesome! She brought presents that she made for my girls, and brought me chocolate!! And she crocheted a Link for Aaron! Seriously so awesome. And then she unpacked and organized all of my daughters' toys. Seriously, Geneva you are a life saver!!

Becky and Sean also came over today and helped unpack. And brought us homemade blueberry muffins. My life is really full of amazing people.

Anyway we are getting settled in. I have to do my best to ignore the fact that I will be packing this all up and moving again in a year when Aaron is done with rotations. I realized yesterday that Olivia was born when we lived in our condo, but took her first steps in our Heber House. Abigail was born when we lived in the Heber house, but took her first steps in PA. Nathan was born in PA, but will take his first steps here at the in-laws house in AZ. That is just absurd. And a crazy to way to think about it.

We bought a van yesterday. It is pretty awesome. Has a few cosmetic issues, and smells like dog. But it has a DVD player and stow n go seats and some other bells and whistles so that is fun. We got a good deal, and that's all we were praying for.

Aaron starts rotations on Monday. I am soooooooo sad about it. My kids have been CRAZY since we got here. They have also been sick. Fevers, runny noses, coughs, etc. We need to get better and get a routine going ASAP. Olivia starts school next Monday. SO cray cray I can't even deal.

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