Monday, August 13, 2012

Another minute!

Aaron started rotations today.

I was a panicked ball of anxiety when he had to leave.

I have issues with Mondays. Mondays after almost 3 weeks together threw me for a loop.

But, prayers are heard and answered. Aaron was done at noon today.

And then another miracle -- right now all three of my kids are sleeping! In the middle of the day! What do they call that again? Oh right... naps! Yes, naps -- they have become far too foreign around here and I'm so grateful that they are all asleep right now. They desperately need it.

We are finding our groove.

I go running every morning at 5:00 with my neighbor, Amber. She is so sweet and has three kids the same ages as my kids. Today they all played together and had a great time.

Olivia starts preschool in two weeks. I'm so excited for that!

I am almost completely unpacked.

We are getting there.


  1. I have failed you. I forgot my sister was in town from Seattle this week and I will not be able to pursue my good intentions of helping unpack more. Please forgive me. After the 22nd I will be back to normal life. Good luck and may the groove continue!

  2. Hope you are settling in well! Miss your posts!