Friday, August 31, 2012

Nathan at 8 months

Obviously he's stinking adorable.
The pictures were taken at Sandy Hook on the Jersey shore, compliments of my Aunt Marita. Thank you Re-Re!

So Nathan turned 8 months on the 17th of this month.
He has two teeth.
He can say mama and dada clearly and distinctly. 
I wasn't sure he really knew what he was saying until the other day when I walked out of the room and he wailed, "MAAA-MAA!"
And this morning when Aaron walked into our room he smiled and said, "Dada!"
So cute.
He army crawls every where. 
He can easily get into a seated position from his tummy. 
He can pull himself up and stand while holding onto something.
Seriously - I think if I let him he would eat like half a pizza, and still have room for more.
He is a bottomless pit.
He crawls and tries to find things to eat. 
Between him and the dog I SHOULD never have to sweep.
He goes to sleep around 7pm,
and I don't see his sweet face again until about 6am.
He still takes two naps a day, but I'm afraid he's trying to go to just one.
He has no bottom lip.
Okay not really, but you wouldn't know it, because he is constantly sucking on his bottom lip.
This has been since birth. Literally when I picked him up and held him the first time, he was sucking on his bottom lip. 
He has continued to do so for the past 8 months.
He always has a smile for everyone
and he really is a delight.

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