Monday, August 25, 2014

The latest.

This is my new favorite part of motherhood. Olivia draws and writes all the time. This is a poem she wrote for me.
She's still working on proper grammar. She read it to me like this, "We love you. Don't you forget it. So Dad loves you and I love you and we all love you!"
And that my friends, is what us we call a paycheck when you're a mom. It's those cute things that keep us going and doing this crazy job day after (never-ending) day.

Aaron had to work a lot this weekend, so I decided to take the kids up to Mesa. I didn't take many pictures but we stopped at Dateland because every single time we do the drive I want to stop to try their shakes, but we're usually just wanting to get there, or just wanting to get home. This time we weren't in any hurry and Nathan was crying because he was so thirsty, so we stopped. And I was disappointed. Apparently, I really don't like dates.
Coonskin cap, truck pajamas, and batman shoes. So much winning in this picture.

Even Olivia wasn't a fan, and she likes everything! She had a few sips, but then was done. 

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