Sunday, August 10, 2014

9 year Anniversary Trip To San DiegoI hav

Okay I uploaded these backwards, so here is our trip from finish, to start.
Kind of silly, but I took a picture of my leftovers because I was proud of them. I NEVER have leftovers, especially when it's something as delicious as this was. I was full, but it was sooo good, I normally would have kept eating until it was gone. This time I stopped myself, and asked for a box. Go me! (Not pictured.... when I devoured it on the way home, with my hands, like an animal.)

Aaand maybe it wasn't that big of a victory because we also ordered dessert. A cannoli in a chocolate shell! Yum.

Aaron's food.. probably the best Italian sausage I've ever tasted.

This was a seafood special with shrimp and scallops. It was SO good.

Calamari. Yummmm.

Got to spend a couple of hours here in the temple! We forgot to get a picture, so I took one when we drove past it again on the way home.

We did a little hike at Torrey Pines. It was beautiful! See for yourself...

Okay so we were feeling pretty awesome about ourselves for hiking up this far. It wasn't really THAT hard, but we weren't planning on hiking, until we were hiking, so I was in dress shoes, Aaron was in flipflops, I had a skirt on, etc. We were all, "Yeah we're so awesome." And then we turned a corner and saw this lady with her cane, she was probably about 90 years old, white haired, Asian lady. We felt slightly less awesome about ourselves.

Yeah... whale bones. Aaron didn't want me to touch it. But there was no sign that said don't touch. So this picture may or not may not be a picture of my rebellious nature. 

A saltmarsh. Where the rivers and streams meat the ocean, it's a weird kind of unique environment, that 90% of has been destroyed, but this one is preserved.  

These are the Torrey Pines.

Best. Gelato. Ever. Hands down. It was sooo good. This was raspberry and Tahitian vanilla.

There was a random British gift shop we wandered into. No clue what we were going to find, but Downton Abbey jewelry made this stop worth it!

A few years ago we were watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy made these fish tacos look AMAZING. I have wanted to go ever since, but every time we've gone to San Diego we've had the kids, and other stuff to do. This time, this was literally the ONLY thing we planned on doing. And they didn't disappoint. So yummy. 
This was the view from our hotel room. We took a nice walk along that trail. It was perfect.

Pacific Ocean.

Shameless Dole Whip selife.
So about 30 minutes outside of Yuma is a town called Felicity, CA. And for some reason, someone decided it is the "Center Of The World." We missed the exit to actually go and explore and see what they have there, but we pulled over and I took these pictures from the highway.

There is this random staircase, which is actually part of the original Eiffel tower. And you thought the only thing France gave us was the Statue of Liberty...

So yeah that was our trip. We went with literally no plan. Just a "wherever the wind takes us" attitude. And it mostly worked out. Minus our ill-prepared hike, which I'm now paying for with a hurt foot. There is truly nothing better than 2 days without kids. Except maybe the moment when you get to see those kids again, and the hugs and kisses and smiles.  Funny how that works. And so grateful for Aaron's mom being willing to watch all 4 of these crazy kids of mine.


  1. As usual I didn't know you had posted again until you told me. So I just read the last three posts to get caught up. First, I Loved seeing all your pics from your anniversary trip adventure' it looks like you had a BLAST! I always love reading your blog. I like the way you write. I love your description about the whale bone picture and the hike and the old lady. I was laughing so hard. I also love the idea of a 'yes day'. I may have to adopt that or at least use it this or next week as an end of summer thing. So fun! Your description a few posts back that describes our relationship made me laugh and cry. I feel the same way. Although I didn't realiE how much you dislike sea world so now I feel

  2. Sounds like a perfect getaway!