Thursday, July 19, 2012

random ramblings

It's raining. My kids are all happily occupied. (One asleep, two playing outside in the rain. One good thing about having such noisy children is that I can watch them without even having to see them. The moment it's quiet I know I need to go see what's going on. As long as there is yelling and squealing and occasional screaming, I know all is well.) I have a million other things to do -- so I'm blogging.

I have been running lately. Thought you should know. Since this is probably my longest streak ever. I made a goal to myself to run for 30 days straight. I'd say after about day 17 or so I lost track of the days, but fell in love with running. I have found the joy of getting lost in a song, while your feet pound out the beat on the pavement. I run at the end of the day, once all my kiddo's are in bed for the night. I have had a lot of trouble falling asleep, and the two may be related but for now it's worth it. I just don't know when else I'd have enough time during the day. This has been working for me.

I'm no closer to being packed and ready since the last time I updated.

And we also have a camping trip coming up. Like tomorrow. Yeeahhh...

Aaand just thinking about all this is making me realize I need to get to work and get off the computer.

And those kids got a little too quiet outside...

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