Saturday, July 7, 2012

making memories

I love that each one of my children have a cousin of matching age. Olivia has Kaitlyn and Danielle (twins), Abigail has Brandon, and Nathan has Derrick. I also love that through sheer craziness we are all living in PA at the same time. Of course I'd love it a lot more if they were up here in Erie, but we make the most of how close they are, seeing each other at least once a month. 

We were all able to hang out for the 4th of July and it was just chock full of all the ingredients for perfect childhood memories. Sleeping over, dancing and running around in the rain, sparklers, staying up super late and watching fireworks from the porch, playing dress up, eating ice cream cones, and playing in the baby pool. Even a bee sting! I mean really who can ever forget a time they were stung by a bee? Olivia stepped on a bee and got stung on her foot... literally days after I did the exact same thing.

There were some great quotes from our kids and I'm sad because I already forgot some of them. Most came from my niece Danielle. The fireworks we were watching from the porch were just neighbors setting off their own little show, and so there was a lot of time between them. We'd start to think maybe there wouldn't be anymore and it was time to go in, and then all of a sudden a few more would go off. Well one time when this happened Danielle exclaimed, "THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!" while throwing her fist in the air. You have to read it in a rock star-thanking-the-local-audience kind of voice. Ya know like, "THANK YOU NEW YORK!" She sounded just like that, which sent Allison and I into fits of laughter. 

All the kids also thought we were seeing Disneyland. Also cracked me up.

Uncle Douger was away at scout camp, so it was really sweet when Olivia turned around and said, "I wish Uncle Douger could see this!"

And seriously I can't think of all the other hilarious things that came from their little mouths. Allison you will have to remind me!

Aaron and I took all the big kids to get ice cream. The whole time was very laid back and the kids just wore whatever they wanted. So on our little ice cream run Brandon was in just a diaper, a couple of kids were in PJ's and I think one was in dress up clothes. I'm pretty sure anyone who saw us thought we were poor and crazy. It is so fun to see all the kids together though and look at how we went from 0 to 7 kids in 4 years. 

Despite the lack of sleep, it was a great, great time had by all. We can't wait to see them all again, hopefully one last time before we move to AZ.

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  1. It really was a blast. The only other quote, other than "We can see Disneyland from here Mommy!" was "This is the best day EVER!" From Danielle. I think you covered the rest. I loved watching the battling of wills with Abigail and Brandon who would yell at each other, not meaning to be mean, just each wanting their own idea to be played out, and then go and play. So funny!