Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest blogging... whaaaaat!

My friend Geneva asked me to guest post on her blog! I seriously felt so special. Silly, but true. Of course after reading it again I feel kind of like I'm pretty lame. A blog about blogging, really? That's the best I can come up with? Oh well. If you feel like it go read it and then reassure me that I shouldn't feel embarrassed. http://hazardousundertakings.blogspot.com/

Anyway, it's Laundry Day and I have a goal to get everything in my house washed, dried and put away or packed. I want to leave out only 10 outfits for everyone. Maybe a few more for the baby. But that's it. I'm obviously working really hard on this goal by blogging about it. Totally getting me there.

But here are my thoughts from this morning.

I looked at Abigail, who was needing help with the bathroom, and all of a sudden I just felt completely scared and overwhelmed. Is this normal? I helped her with her pants and whatever she was needing, no big deal, but all of a sudden it just hit me. All three of these little people rely completely on me to survive the day. And really what is it with kids and wanting to kill themselves? It's like they are magnets for danger. I give Nathan teething toys, rattles, etc. He looks at it for a minute, then chucks it and heads for the extension cord that's plugged into the wall. Must look tastier than a purple monkey who squeaks when you shake him. He learned to crawl this week, so he's now even more proactive in finding ways to hurt himself. Why crawl for the pile of toys just a few inches away when there are perfectly good choking hazards across the room!

Fortunately the girls are getting older and learning how to survive a bit on their own. Especially Olivia. She can practically take care of herself. She gets herself breakfast, turns on the TV and Netflix, and is overall very independent. Abigail still asks me for everything. But then insists on doing it herself once I start to get it for her. Then she takes forever to do whatever it is, and throws a royal fit if I try to help her in anyway.

Anyway I'm just rambling now, but the point is most of the time I'm like "Okay I got this." And then sometimes I'm like "Wait a sec - how many people did I make?! Seriously 3 of them?!" And I feel completely certain I will not make it through the day. These moments occur mostly on Mondays when Aaron has to go back to school. I rely on him so much when he's here, I start to think I can't do it by myself when he's gone. But somehow we've made it this far.

Now on to that laundry.... But you... don't do anything productive yet! Go read my post on Hazardous Undertakings!  :)

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  1. I didn't realize just how long you have been "unoffically blogging"! That is so awesome. How cool to have your life documented for your kids to see like that! So fun! And you are right - people do love to hear about your life - I know I do. :)