Friday, July 13, 2012

Not my best idea...

In fact maybe it was one of the worst.

I told the girls we could have a girls night sleepover in my bed. They were ecstatic. We started our night with a Taylor Swift Dance Party. Did some make overs with stick on nails. And then watched a movie. Then we went to bed... and Olivia was just beaming. She was so thrilled to be in my bed. But of course she didn't want to sleep. But she was SO tired. I could tell she was just keeping herself awake because she didn't want it to end. Sweet, but not so much when you know how tired and grumpy she will be the next day.

And then there was Abigail. Who sleeps wonderfully - in her own bed. In my bed, she was just a maniac. She was rolling around and playing and kept wanting to get books.

Finally I made up a story about having to go feed Nathan - and I went for a run with my friend. When I got back both girls were asleep. Aaron had to put Abigail in her own bed because she just wouldn't settle down. He told her he would put her back in my bed once she fell asleep. So I went up to bed, and we brought Abigail into bed with me. Olivia stayed asleep, and Abigail woke up just a bit, but fell right back to sleep.

Oh if it could only have been that good all night.

At midnight Abigail woke up. Wide awake. Wanting to chat. Read books. Ask me questions. For FOUR hours. I could not believe it. I kept threatening to put her back in her own bed, and then she'd be quiet, and perfectly still for seriously 20 minutes. And then out of nowhere she'd say, "Mommy I has to tell you a question." And then she'd ask me something random like, "Does Heavenly and Father rhyme?" Every time I'd think she was asleep, and then she'd pop up with another question. This went on for literally FOUR hours. Her last question was around 4:15AM.

Aaaand Olivia was up by 6, followed by Nathan shortly after.

Nothing like going through your day with less than 2 hours of sleep.

Plus the girls were super tired and so grumpy all day. Definitely not worth it! This was two days ago and I'm still tired.


  1. But you got to fill your "awesome mom" bank account with a minimum of 5000 points! That should be worth something!

  2. Hahaha oh if only there were such points!

  3. Hahaha oh if only there were such points!

  4. You would think that after reading this post a few days ago I would have said "NO" last night when my kids asked to haul their mattresses onto Mimi's floor for a sleepover. Now I'm suffering a similar fate!

  5. OMGosh my husband was supposed to move the mattresses back before he left for a bachelor party (he swears it's a clean one) and he didn't do it!!!! He won't get home until way late, so it looks like I have no choice but to repeat yesterday's antics!!!