Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still working out some kinks...

So I wrote the post below like a million years ago... when I went through and published all the ones I took over, somehow this one got bumped to the top. Oohh well.

Also - could I ask a favor of all the awesome people who link to my blog? Could you pretty please update the address? That would just be swell. Really, thanks.

In other news, my brother was here for a few days and it was awesome. The kids were in heaven having a fun uncle to horse around with. Plus he did dishes and helped clean the kitchen. Seriously considering hiring a Manny....

In other, other news, last night I let the girls stay up late to catch lightning bugs. It was awesome. When Olivia is genuinely, truly happy, her smile is the best thing in the world. There is not much that compares to the pure joy of seeing a lightning bug for the first time. Of course now I'm sure every night she will beg to stay up to see them... and they don't come out here until after 9:00PM! That is just way too late for my little girls. As much as Olivia's genuine happiness is the best thing in the world - her tired, cranky meltdowns are probably the worst thing in the world. So it won't happen every night, but last night was pretty perfect.


  1. I love lighting bugs!! I can't wait to do that with my son :)

  2. I had never seen a firefly until two years ago. I was entranced.

  3. I already updated it!! I didn't like being redirected haha! I do love the random memory blogger chose to add to the top... I cracked up reading it all over again! :-)