Monday, June 18, 2012

An explanation of sorts

Hey -- so your computer is not broken. If you are looking for "wonderful life of lauren opie" this is it. Aaron redirected the website to come here. Not sure if old links will still work. And it looks like all my old posts are gone -- they're not. They are here, just not published. So do I go back and publish all 500ish posts? I don't know. I'll figure it all out eventually.

Aaron wanted to know why I wanted to change the name. "You don't think your life is wonderful anymore?"

That just made me laugh out loud. No. I still think my life is wonderful. However, when I first started my blog I had no idea I'd stick with it for 5 years. And so I was just sitting there and I typed the first thing that came to my head. It's always bugged me though. Those double l's for one. And it's long. And cumbersome.

Then one day I was thinking about words. Like I don't like the word blog. It looks funny and it sounds like blaaah-guh. And in TV and on movies people with blogs are weirdos. But I like my blaahhg so it's not going anywhere. Anyway - another word I thought about was .com.  I like com. Like calm. And then I thought about how my blog is like my little calm place. My place to go to get a break from everything going on in my life at that moment. Hence - my dot calm.

I won't lie. I really want to have a blog that makes money. Is that superficial and annoying of me? I don't know. Possibly. I love writing. And I love reading blogs. But some blogs are SO boring and they have like 5,000 followers. Seriously?! People care that much about what you're wearing every day? I really hate looking at pictures of people's weird clothes and weird food.

But I would love to make money writing. I just have no clue how to start. Anyone out there want to pay me to write this stuff?? Well for now I'll keep dreaming.

Also - I love comments. Could you comment on this post to let me know you found your way over here? That would be just swell... and would make this dreary, lonely Monday a little happier. (Yes I'm begging here people!)


  1. I found my way here! I love your blog and think you should totally get paid for it. You make me laugh, and cry, and want to be a better mom. Also you make me wish we lived in the same state so we could hang out. So keep dreaming big, you can do it!

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