Friday, June 29, 2012

How dull my life would be without Olivia's hilarity..

So I'm sitting around, procrastinating and Aaron says, "Okay c'mon you have a lot to do. Cookie dough, shower, make up... it's already after 6:00."

Olivia, who never misses a thing, jumps up from where she was sitting, wide eyes and exclaims, "A COOKIE DOUGH SHOWER?! WHAT IS A COOKIE DOUGH SHOWER? I WANT ONE!"

I just couldn't stop laughing. Which irritated her and she kept insisting, "MOM! What is a cookie dough shower??"

"The best thing in the world, Olivia... the best thing in the world... if it existed." Replied Aaron, because I was too busy laughing.

Finally I was able to explain it was a list of separate things, and there was no such thing as cookie dough shower.

Disappointed, she sighed, "Well I wish there was!"

Me too, little girl. Me too.


  1. So funny! Let me know if she figures out how to make that happen! :)

  2. It was already after 6 AM or PM?

  3. Wait, I think it was AM because you wrote this at 4:10 PM. OMGosh why in the world is your husband asking for cookie dough at that hour of the morning???? I think I need to step up my mormon game. I'm seriously slacking.

  4. hahahaha... the time is off on my posting. It still thinks I live in AZ. I wrote this at 7:10PM. It was after six PM. DEFINITELY PM! If my husband even dreamed of asking me to get up and going at 6AM he'd have another thing coming! Your mormon game is totally fine! You crack me up!