Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olivia says...

The other day walking home from the pool, Olivia was holding her friend's hand and pretty much word-for-word this is what I heard,

Did I ever tell you about my mom's grandpa? We called him "Great-Poppy" and he sure was great! He was THE best! He fought in a war, and has so many medals. He was a real hero!
And then I have another great-grandpa. I call him "Grandpa Opie" and when I was a baby in my mommy's tummy I tricked him! He got my mommy a suit because he thought I was a boy! 
But I'm usually a girl.

Ya know, usually... So funny. And both stories are true. Poppy was a hero. And Grandpa Opie was certain I was carrying a boy when I was pregnant with Olivia. We didn't find out the gender, and Grandpa was so sure he purchased a suit for my baby before she was born. He later exchanged it for a beautiful blue dress, which I cherish.

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