Friday, June 29, 2012

Blogger Problems

Blogger Problem #27 - People read your blog so then they think they don't have to talk to you in real life.

I have heard from a few friends, "Oh sorry I never call you anymore-- I just read your blog all the time so I feel like I'm all caught up on your life!"

Well for one, you are probably right. You are pretty much caught up on my life. Not much goes on that I don't write about here on my blog... except for all the good stuff!! You are totally missing out if we don't have the occasional phone call, text or email.

 And for two, I don't get to hear about YOUR life. So either you need to start a blog as well (AND UPDATE IT REGULARLY *ahemSwiney*ahem) or call me! Or at the very least email me.

This is directed at absolutely no one in particular, I just can't sleep and got to thinking about some old friends who I miss hearing from.

I also feel like I "know" people whose blogs I read. One person - I only knew her by her blog -- but I saw her in real life, and forgot how I "knew" her and I totally said hi and quickly realized she had no clue who I was. Sometimes I've even gone up to people and introduced myself and been like, "Heeyy so yeah... I read your blog... and I know all about the intimate details of your life even though I've never met you, I feel like we could totally be best friends!" And then I feel all awkward and stuff. Sometimes I don't know why I talk.

Anyway all I'm sayin' is all ya'll need to start some blogs of your own and update them at least once a week. Or shoot me an email about what's going in your life. Or even, if you really love me hit me up on my cell piece. (I can not even type this with a straight face.. who talks like this? I am debating on deleting this paragraph all together, but picturing Aaron's face when he reads it is enticing me to leave it...)


  1. LOLLJfklajdflkajfkljaflkj as soon as I read that line I knew who you meant!!!! I know I'm such a bad blogger!!! How do you find time to do it??????? I update frequently on FB though in an attempt to keep people posted!!!

  2. My problem is that a bunch of people read my blog and don't comment so I don't know they do until I start telling them about life at some baby shower or something. Then comes the moment when they finish my story for me and say they read about it on my blog. Then I feel dumb. And a little happy because they read my blog :)