Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nathan is 3!

My phone has been taking THE WORST pictures lately. If you are thinking of buying your loved one a new smartphone this Christmas, definitely pass on the HTC 1 M8... its camera seriously sucks. At least for busy moms who don't have the time to play around with it. If it's not as simple as "Click camera icon." I'm not going to figure it out. So here are some very poor quality pictures of my little boy.

Nathan one on one is my all time favorite thing ever. He's so sweet, and funny and just pleasant to be around. Put him around his sisters and it's a whole other story... but let's focus on the sweet! We went grocery shopping together, just him and I and he was seriously a little gentleman. He got me cans from the bottom shelf that were hard for me to reach, and he held my hand, and it was just great.

A funny story from fairly recently... If you someone says, "Hey!" in this house lately the girls have been responding with, "Hey is for horses, I'll feed ya later!" And cracking up laughing. So they will try to make you say hey, just so they can say their little joke. So the other day Nathan said, "Mommy, mommy, say hey." I said "Hey!" And he paused then said, "Hey... horse.. poop." You could just see him thinking, like I know I'm supposed to say something about horses, and it's something funny... so yeah horse poop. But hay is horse poop, so really Nathan's joke is the funniest. We all laughed pretty hard about that one.

I'm not sure what else to say about this boy of mine. I love putting him to bed at night and singing him his little lullaby that I've been singing him for almost three years now. He sings along and holds my hand and then asks me to leave the door open, every single night. He wets the bed like 60% of the time. He really doesn't care if he pees in his pants if he's got something more important going on. He hasn't been to school yet, but he'll probably start next year. He loves playing at the YMCA, but only if his sisters are there so we'll see how he does. 

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