Monday, December 22, 2014

My children are my greatest examples of Christ like love.

This is a lady I work with at church. I occasionally teach her reading lessons and just keep an eye on her. She is a very... interesting person. And I can't say that every time I have a free moment, I want to spend that free time with her. I don't want to go into all the details here for the whole world to see, she's a very sweet lady... but challenging. However, my kids LOVE her with absolutely no reservations. They are such good examples to me of unconditional, Christ like love. I mean just look at that Eliza SMILE! (And those pigtails, don't forget the pigtails... they kill me.)

Anyway, my big girls are sick. Puking, fever, nasty sick. Aaron is working a lot this week. Christmas is in 3 days, we leave for NJ in 4 days... and I've spent the last two days doing nothing but cuddling sick babies and cleaning puke. However, my kitchen is still clean thanks to a wonderful husband who stayed up last night cleaning it for me. *swoon*  I literally broke down in tears when I came into my kitchen to start cleaning it this morning (before any of the kids woke up and I actually had an hour to get something done). It was all done. Clean, and done. And I was so grateful I cried. Another great example in my life, that husband of mine. So I spent that hour listening to an audio book and crocheting. It was a lovely start to my day, that didn't end so lovely.

Sometimes Yuma is the worst place ever. I try to love it here, and a lot of times I do, but today, it was awful. So many miserable people, just angry and bitter, about what I don't know. That's the problem with Yuma, when the weather is gorgeous, the people stink. And when the stinky people go away, so does the nice weather. I do love our home, and my family, and I know my kids are happy here, so I shouldn't complain. And there are plenty of amazing, great people who live here all year long that I am grateful to know. Today I just didn't see many of them (any of them) but unfortunately saw lots of dirty looks and rude comments. Usually they don't get to me, because for every grumpy person I encounter at least one nice one... today all the nice ones must have stayed home. And I think the fact that I let my kids go out in public in their PJ's, with unbrushed hair, and I myself looked a wreck, didn't help people's opinions of me.

If only we could all love like my kids.

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