Monday, December 8, 2014

Eliza 10 months

This cute baby is almost 11 months... which is almost one... which is practically a grown up! How does this happen so fast?
I'm loving the fact that she's still crawling every where. She'll walk holding your hand, but hasn't taken any steps on her own yet. 

This is her petrified of Frosty the Snowman face. We have a little plush toy thingy my aunt got us that sings and dances. She went from screaming bloody murder every time it turned on, to just making this frightened face.

She waves "hiiii" and "bye" to everyone she sees. Strangers are seriously her favorite thing ever. She loves attention from random people, and will willingly climb into their arms if they reach for her at all. She's just the most lovable little thing.
She loves being read to, all things fuzzy, her crib bumper, clapping hands, peek-a-boo, her purple cup (won't drink from the pink one?!) and above all, her siblings.

She doesn't know how to be quiet or still. She is always on the go, exploring and figuring things out. She growls as she crawls around. She squeals (sounds more like a scream) whenever she is excited, which is often. If all the big kids are being loud playing, she will just randomly start making loud noises, as to be part of the chaos. She is also in the garbage disposal stage that all of my kids gone through. There is a certain age where they will eat absolutely everything you put in front of them, and never seem to be full. So far there has only been one food Eliza has ever encountered that she didn't want more of (pina colada italian ice, and I can't say I blame her on that one, it wasn't as good as it sounds).

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