Monday, November 3, 2014

Because what's the point of throwing ridiculous parties if you don't even blog about it??

I posted most of these on Facebook, but I wanted to put them here for journaling's sake. 

We rented two real live ponies to come give pony rides for an hour. Costs about the same as renting a bounce house, yet I think much more memorable! The kids had a blast.

My attempt at fancy sugar cookies. They tasted better than they look in this photo!

Dollar store cowboy hats.

These were quite the labor of love. Stick horses made from socks, stuffing, a 99 cent stick from JoAnn's, and yarn for a mane. I started out making them way more complex, and the last 10 were just very basic and simple.

This is what they would have looked like if I had unlimited funds and time.

I love that my sweet Abigail is growing up into such an amazing little girl. She is a blessing to have in our family and brings joy to everyone who knows her. A funny recent story about Abigail, to perpetuate the legend of her being an animal whisperer... The kids were playing out front and running around when a medium sized, crazy dog came out of no where started chasing them. Olivia was running for her life and this dog was biting at her heels and growling and barking. I was pretty scared myself and Abigail just stopped, looked it right in the eye and put her hand up and said, "CALM BOY. CALM DOWN." And the dog stopped being crazy, and just stood there. Then our neighbor came out running after the dog and grabbed him. She seriously has super powers. She's also super into video games and tv, and She sneaks candy when she knows she's not supposed to have anymore, and sometimes this little stubborn streak comes out and surprises me. I guess that's called being a kid! Sure love my Abigail and am so grateful for the last 5 years I've had being her mom.

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