Sunday, November 9, 2014

Life lately update

One time I was really ambitious and decided, "It's 4:30, I don't feel like cooking dinner, let's all bike ride to the park." And that was one of my worst ideas ever. Olivia is barely proficient enough to handle it. Abigail really wasn't ready. And Nathan didn't make it to the end of the street. So now I'm cajoling along Abigail, telling her to just keep pedaling, stop getting off her bike to examine ants, and just ride her bike, while pushing a double stroller that has Nathan, Eliza, and Nathan's bike. And Olivia is riding too far ahead for my comfort so I'm having to constantly yell at her to slow down and stop at the corner. And then she fell, and gashed her knee open on a rock. But by the sound of her screams you might have thought she lost a limb. And she didn't want to turn around and go home, she wanted to keep going, so we went. Though she never stopped complaining about the pain. Very loudly. Then we had to cross a fairly busy street. We were in the crosswalk, crossing the street when a car came. It stopped at the stop walk, it had a stop sign, but Olivia just froze. And stood there in the middle of the street. So now I'm screaming like a lunatic, and she finally moves. It was very stressful. But in the end we made it all in one piece to the park. And it was worth it (maybe) because I got these awesome pictures of Abigail and Eliza.

A friend gave me a bunch of g diapers. I don't think I would have ever used them if she didn't give them to me, but I love them. I feel all fancy and like I'm saving the earth, plus they're super cute. Eliza liked showing them off.

My kids were horrible about throwing away their candy wrappers. Eliza loved finding wrappers with little bits of candy still stuck to them. Here she found a lollipop that was basically gone, but she enjoyed the last little bit of sweetness on the end of that stick.

Abigail and I got to do some birthday shopping. She got a butterfly garden, a dora plaything, a doc mcstuffins play thing, and this little kitten with a bed for her dollhouse. Money well spent. We had a great time. I love this little weirdo of mine.

And just because Nathan is seriously under represented on this blog, here is a picture of my sweet boy riding one of the stick horses I made for Abigail's birthday. But really you're just looking at my messy house, aren't you? I hope it makes you feel about yourself. Or is that just me? I don't know how you moms do it, with your clean houses and your clean kids. That happens about once a week around here. I should take more pictures on that day.

Abigail's birthday was fun. And now we're planning Thanksgiving festivities, and then we'll be planning Nathan's birthday, then Christmas, and then Eliza's first birthday! I LOVE this time of year. Who doesn't? 

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  1. Oh the bike ride trouble! We have a similar problem when we take wheeled vehicles around the block. I got so fed up of carrying the scooter, I left it on the sidewalk and oh the cries!

    Cute family and I'm glad the park turned out fun!