Friday, August 16, 2013

What do you do when it's 115 degrees outside...

Today we put ice in my Ninja blender to see if it would really make snow like the infomercial says. And it did. So we had a little snowball fight, and then we looked up recipes for snow icecream and made it. I was not a big fan, but the kids loved it. And it kept us all nice and cool! And I felt like a fun mom. Lately I've been stressed about packing, unpacking, cleaning, etc. Today was FUN FRIDAY and we didn't clean much at all. And when we spilled stuff we just laughed. And we had a snowball fight in the house. It was fantastic.

Oh and one more important thing happened today...
Yes those PINK balloons means our new addition will be a baby sister!

And yes baby brother for Nathan would have been nice, we are super excited. Abigail especially wanted a sister, which you can see her happiness in that huge smile. Olivia was excited, but told me her dreams were lost because she really wanted another boy.


  1. 115 degrees!!!!!! I didn't even know that could really happen. You are such a fun mom to make them snow! I love your staircase! We are a family of 5 living in a 900 square foot home in CT, so this looks like a palace to me!!! Yay for another girl! That will be excellent blogging material ;) Are you planning another home birth?

  2. Thank you, Lisa! I feel very blessed. Although I'm sure I'd be enjoying the weather in CT much more than here! Yes, 115 is possible, and even higher believe it or not. Oh I bet CT is just beautiful right now. And no, I won't be able to have another home birth! :( There are literally 0 options here in Yuma. I searched my heart out and did find a midwife who did home birth for years, but now delivers in the hospital. Apparently the drs here don't like the competition and they make it very difficult for a midwife to come in, unless she joins their practice. So I'm hoping for a water birth in the hospital, but have also thought about driving up to Phoenix to a birthing center. We'll see!